Handling navigation loops and redirection in Windows Phone apps


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Case 1: Sometimes in apps there are pages like LoginPage that are completely transient and should be removed from backstrack right after navigating away from them.

Case 2: Sometimes in apps there are pages like PaymentPage or CabinetPage that require authentication and user has to be redirected to LoginPage and after successfull that can go to destination.



Sources of FluentCoercion: https://navcoerce.codeplex.com/
Please feel free to share with your ideas how to improve it.


Showing different Application Bars depending on some ViewModel logic


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In the example i bind appbar on PaymentStatus of my Order, but sometimes it makes sense to bind appbar on SelectedIndex of  Pivot/Panorama.



GenericConverter is a nice converter that is quite usefull to implement different views depending on some enums on numbers or strings. Actually it is a bit error-prone and should be used carefully. In complex cases it is better to write specific controls.