Hi there,

In the last project i participate in, we have all logic in PCL libraries (78 profile). 1.5 years ago there was only one PCL logger – MetroLog. It was partially from log4net/NLog and contained too much async/await logic (mostly IO related), which is too expensive for mobile devices, especially if app performs very detailed logging as our app does.

So we outlined few goals for a perfect logging library:
1. Very small in terms of lines of code.
2. Minimal footprint on IOS IPA size
3. Very fast with minimal possible amount of memory allocations
4. No dependencies except for .NET
5. Support of WP8, Xamarin, UWP
6. Support categories

My colleague Oleg Ilyin wrote an implementation that satisfied those goals, which i optimized a little bit and uploaded to github.
1. We have a library that has ~200 lines of code according to Visual Studio metrics.
2. .NET dll size is ~20kb, IOS binary footprint is <50kb for ARMv7+ARM64.
3. Logging one message to file produces 2 memory allocations, which is much less that NLog/MetroLog do

Code is on github – https://github.com/Belorus/XLog/wiki


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